Frequently Asked Questions



Quarters and Times
(i) Each game shall consist of four (4) quarters. One player from each team will be allowed to briefly confer with coaches during change of quarters. Three (3) time outs will be permitted during each half, not to exceed 1½ minutes each. Half time is 10 minutes long. At the four- (4) minute warning to the half and to the end of the regulation game, there will be a thirty (30) second no-charge time out.

8U 10 minute quarters
9U / 10U / 11U 10 minute quarters
12U / 13U 12 minute quarters
(h) Scoring
(i) Touchdown 6 points
(ii) Field Goal 3 points
(iii) Extra Point Pass (11U-13U) or Run 1 point
(iv) Extra Point Pass (8U-10U) 2 points
(v) Extra Point Kick 2 points
(vi) Safety 2 points

Upper Chesapeake Youth Football League